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Past Performances/演出回顾
  • June 2017: An Interlude at the Court of Burgundy, exploring opulence and melancholy from the golden Franco-Flemish repertoire
  • November 2016: Di Lasso Spiritual, a performance dedicated to the spirituality of Netherlands composer Roland de Lassus
  • June 2016: Madrigals in the Boudoir, a summer house concert of French chansons and Italian madrigals celebrating love
  • December 2015: Songs for a Feast, epicurean songs from Western European masters
  • August 2015: Madrigals Masterclass, a collection of 16th century Italian and English madrigals
  • December 2014: Stella Splendens, traditional music from masterworks of the Renaissance to timeless folk tunes sung throughout the ages
  • November 2013: The Sound of William Byrd, polyphonic masterwork for 5 voices
  • August 2013: Songs from the Labyrinth, gems of chansons by court composers in ancient Europe
  • July 2013: Masters of the Renaissance, a collection of songs and motets from Western Europe's most famous composers of the time
  • November 2012: Cantores Sinenses, concert at Beijing Foreign Studies University celebrating the Latin language

About the choir/关于合唱团

Nine Gates Polyphony is a chamber choir formed in 2012 to bring the sounds of polyphonic Renaissance music to life in Beijing. Each performance combines the a cappella voices of diverse women and men who share a love of this ancient style of song.

The name Nine Gates recognises the ancient city gates of Beijing which, like polyphonic music, are relics of history kept alive through our shared recollections.


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