Nine Gates Polyphony


STELLA SPLENDENS: An early music Christmas concert

Saturday 2013.12.07, 20:00 @ Xizhimen Church [map]
Free entry 
Subway line 4 to Xinjiekou Station, exit D, walk 150 m west

Join us for an evening of traditional Christmas music, from masterworks of the Renaissance to timeless folk tunes sung throughout the ages. Featuring the choral works of Praetorius, Byrd, Mouton, and Lauridsen and guest artists on instrumental pieces, let us transport you with the wonder, mystery, and joy of the Advent season.


2013年12月7日(周六)20:00 @ 西直门天主堂 [地图]
西城区西直门内大街130号 地铁4号线新街口站D出口,出站后向西150米,于路左侧

Past Performances/演出回顾
  • November 10, 2013, Mass at St. Joseph's Church, WangfujingFeaturing William Byrd's Mass for 5 Voices
  • August 9-10, 2013 Songs from the Labyrinth | 8月9-10日2013年《迷宫深处之音
  • July 13, 2013 Masters of the Renaissance, Church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel | 7月13日2013年《文艺复兴大师作品精选》北京西直门加尔默罗圣母圣衣堂
  • April 21, 2013 Mass at St. Joseph's Church, Wangfujing | 4月21日2013年 弥撒在王府井天主堂
  • Nov 18, 2012 Cantores Sinenses, Beijing Foreign Studies University | 11月18日2012年 拉丁歌在中国 北京外国语大学

About the choir/关于合唱团

Nine Gates Polyphony is a chamber choir formed in 2012 to bring the polyphonic style of classical music to life in Beijing. The choir combines the voices of around twelve diverse women and men who share a love of, and skill in, this ancient style of song. The name Nine Gates recognises the ancient city gates of Beijing which, like polyphonic music, are relics of history kept alive through our shared recollections.

九门复音,成立于2012年,旨在以小型室内合唱团的形式将西方古典 “复调音乐” 带给北京。合唱团成员来自不同国家,从事不同职业,共同的是对此古老乐种的热爱及诠释技能。 九门者,北京古城之别称也。如同北京的旧城门,复调音乐曾是人们生活中不可或缺的一部分,今日虽已成为历史遗迹,却能借由我们共同的追忆得到传承及新生。

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